Sytel's outbound dialer is widely used around the world in multiple industries, including Market Research, Collections and Telemarketing.  It is also white labelled by many call center vendors.

Sytel's outbound solution maximises agent talk time. Softdial Contact Center (SCC) handles non-live calls automatically so that agents don't have to, and our world-leading algorithm predicts the right dialing rate to keep agents busy.

The predictive dialer within SCC offers the highest known boost to performance over progressive dialing, while staying within the UK/ US rules for abandoned calls

Do you know the predictive gain of your dialer?

Are you paying for predictive and getting little more than progressive? Do you know how much extra talk time per hour your dialer is delivering over progressive mode when in predictive mode? To learn why you should perform the Predictive Gain benchmark test on your dialer, read this article we wrote for Call Centre Helper.

Campaign handling

SCC's Campaign Manager allows detailed control over every aspect of your campaigns, including detailed retry and callback schemas, end-of-list management, DNC list and timezone management.

Outbound IVR

If local regulations allow, messages can be played including response options for further action.

Scripting for IVR and agent

SCC's Scripter tool allows the easy creation of the most complex branched scripts for both IVR and agent. Any improvements to the script can be made on the fly, so that optimum performance can be quickly reached. Scripter also serves as the delivery system for both IVR and agent pop-up screens through a web browser.

In-call messaging

SCC allows the playing of a message (e.g. legal statement) or even an IVR flow within a call.

Home and remote workers

SCC supports work-at-home agents with the minimum of setup. All they need is a PC/ laptop, a hard/soft phone and ISDN internet access. All screen-pops and voice traffic are routed to them as if they were located in the contact center.


Launching the
Sytel AI Dialer

Sytel takes a major step forward as we build on the work done with our predictive dialer to launch
the Sytel AI Dialer. 
See our press release and watch a brief video below.  A detailed white paper is also available for further information.



  • Predictive Performance under Compliance