Users of Salesforce™ now have easy and intuitive access to the powerful cloud contact center omnichannel functionality provided by Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) platform via the SCC Client, embedded in the Salesforce client. Available for Lightning version only, the SCC Client is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

The SCC Client is free but paid licenses are required for any supporting SCC services. These are installed, configured and managed by Sytel's network of partners.

Once installed, the Sytel SCC Client empowers agents to communicate with customers manually or automatically, on the media channel that suits them - phone, chat, email, SMS, social - giving a rich and seamless customer experience, switching between channels as required.



Key Benefits

  1. Maximise agent productivity when contacting customers by combining Sytel's industry-leading predictive dialer with SalesForce contact and lead management
  2. Specify sophisticated routing rules to ensure the most suitable agent handles each contact
  3. Never miss an inbound customer contact by allowing agents to participate in both outbound campaigns and inbound activity through blending
  4. Link each session directly to SalesForce by querying and updating data
  5. Allow users to work from anywhere they have an internet connection, using Sytel's embedded WebRTC browser-phone

Cloud Connectivity

The Sytel solution is software-only, so can easily be deployed on a public cloud, allowing agents to be located anywhere – at home, remote or in a contact center. All communication is secure and can be over the internet, so an agent only needs

  • a PC/ laptop/ tablet
  • a headset (for voice calls)
  • an internet connection


More features

The phone within SCC Client is integrated into the browser using WebRTC, offering secure, encrypted communication. Web chat is supported natively, and any social media messaging can be added via connectors.

Agents can handle one voice and multiple text sessions simultaneously, each with an associated SF record, switching between active sessions within the same interface.

When any inbound or outbound session connects, a Salesforce screen-pop is triggered showing all relevant customer data, via the tight CTI integration with records and SF functionality.

Salesforce contacts may be dialled automatically by exporting and loading into the SCC platform as a calling list.

Sessions may be recorded to aid future training, either manually at the agent's request, or automatically per agent, queue or campaign

As well as handling automated connections, agents may choose to

  • Click to Dial, by simply clicking on the phone number within the Salesforce record, to launch a call within the web client
  • manually enter a number to dial directly in the client

After each session, the outcome/ disposition, any chat conversation history, and any notes entered during the session are logged to its associated Salesforce record. A session record is also kept within the Sytel system for rich performance analysis.

Supervisors using the client can improve agent performance by selecting agent voice conversations to monitor/ coach/ barge.

The SCC Client also enables the agent to:

  • login, logout and take breaks from the automatic ACD/ dialer system, while keeping status in sync with Salesforce
  • send and receive documents, pictures and other files to contacts, or other agents
  • schedule a time and date for a callback if the desired contact is unavailable