Sytel's Softdial Contact Center (SCC) is a full-featured contact center stack, managing communications of all media types, e.g. voice, chat, SMS, email, etc.

SCC is deployed in the cloud, enabling agents to work from home with only

  • an entry level PC with a web browser
  • a headset
  • a basic internet connection.

With Sytel's extensive experience of implementations in Amazon AWS/ Microsoft Azure, the essentials for home working can be up and running in days. Users can start simply and extend quickly, to deliver a rich user experience, properly integrated with the back office.

SCC manages inbound and outbound sessions, automatically blending agents between them to maintain SLAs and maximise agent productivity.

All agent functionality is delivered via SCC's browser-based Agent Desktop, requiring no software installation on the agent's PC, and as it uses secure, encrypted connections, no VPN.

The phone keypad is embedded in the Desktop, with phone audio native to the browser via WebRTC, requiring only a headset. Agents control calls in the usual way – hold, mute, transfer, disposition, etc – all within the browser.

Agents can handle voice and multiple text-based sessions simultaneously, switching between them within the same intuitive UI.

For each, the Desktop displays

  1. complex forms applications, including agent scripts, customised using a no-code designer and integrated with any data source or business system
  2. contact history, for at-a-glance context for the current conversation.
  3. 3rd party web apps/ pages, for a unified agent experience.

Supervisors, using the same desktop, have access to a wide range of productivity tools, including coaching and conferencing facilities, rich and flexible reporting, and recordings of agent screen and voice sessions.

For back office personnel, an array of configuration items are available via the browser, including set up and control of campaigns and queues, with advanced routing capability.

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Home Working - Highlights

  • Cloud based platform
  • Needs only a web browser, headset and basic internet connection
  • Secure, encrypted connection - no need for VPN
  • All browser-based - phoneagent desktop, scripts and reports
  • No need to install software on agent's PC
  • Up and running in days

A Working Contact Center in 48 Hours?

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