Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) version 10.7 brings new features aimed at the Market Research industry. This latest version is quick and easy to scale for both hosted and on-premise installations.

The new reporter application in version 10.7 fully complements Sytel's powerful dialer. Reporter is highly visual and easily configurable, allowing you to display the information that is most relevant to you on a dashboard that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The data is presented using easy to interpret visuals such as line or bar graphs. When more in-depth analysis is required a detailed report can be extracted and the data can be viewed in a spreadsheet application.

Figure 1 - Real time and Historic Report

Sytel's predictive dialing performance under compliance is second to none. Sytel's virtual event machine simulates interviewer behaviour to predict when an interviewer will next become available and makes calls in advance thereby ensuring maximum productivity. Powerful call progress detection classifies calls using audio or out-of-band signalling to make the best use possible of your calling list. The result is that Sytel sticks close to the optimum 'speed' for dialing, whilst never breaching regulations relating to abandoned calls.

For mobile phone dialing, the Sytel's SSMD product ensures stringent rules specifically related to calls to cellphone numbers are not breached. At the same time SSMD uses features such as call progress detection and no answer timeouts to keep interviewers highly productive.

Connection to the agent is enhanced in 10.7. A WebRTC gateway allows agents to use a browser-based softphone. This provides several benefits including eliminating the need for a phone on an agent's desk, encrypting the phonecall and allowing the agent to be located anywhere – they just need a web browser and a connection to the internet.

Figure 2 - Agent connection via WebRTC

Call recording is integrated within the product. Recordings may start before call connection which captures any signalling tones and other messages encountered, or from connection of the call when the conversation between the RI and respondent starts. Screen recoding is also available and the voice and screen recordings can be merged, compressed and stored in an easy to retrieve format.

Sytel's modular approach gives market research companies full flexibility of where their dialer, CATI system and research interviewers (RI) are located. The dialer may be in one country, connected to a CATI system in another country.

Sytel's SCC version 10.7 runs on Windows software and with its extensive APIs provides the most comprehensive integration with the world's leading CATI systems.


  • Outbound predictive, progressive and preview dialing
  • Compliance with dialing regulations
  • Accommodates remote agents with WebRTC
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration with major CATI systems
  • Screen & voice recording