Sytel's Softdial Repository provides an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating, with flexibility all relevant information in the Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) platform.

Some of the main objectives of the Softdial Repository are; to provide open access to SCC data, to create global visibility for all users and third-party systems, and to store and preserve any other relevant data, which includes company business data or rules.  There is no constraint on the format of the information stored.

The object orientated database of the Softdial Repository allows any data to be stored. Unlike a relational database that requires data to be stored in tables with fixed limits for the data fields, the Softdial Repository can accommodate documents of any shape and size.

Diagram displaying concept of any shaped data being able to be stored.  The drawer in the filing cabinet represents the database, the folder represents the collection.  Documents stored in the collection can be of any shape and size, as represented by the different shapes and styles of paper.

Access via web interface allows information to be queried, added to, and deleted as necessary.  As long as the access is authenticated, the information in the Softdial Repository can be accessed from anywhere, using any device and any browser.

PCI compliant, all passwords are encrypted with encryption parameters available for use as required on other data stored.

Easy to support with configuration of all the systems stored in the Softdial Repository.  In the event of any system failure, configuration parameters for all the Softdial Contact Center® (SCC) components can be easily accessed in the Repository back-up, and the complete system re-installed smoothly and quickly.  All agents and campaigns can be operational again with no manual data entry required.  The configuration is delivered in the same way, regardless of whether it is telephony, other media types or applications; the entire platform has a consistent and reliable configuration store.

Option to store 3rd party data. Customers may choose to store their own data in the Softdial Repository.  Total freedom of data format allows any data to be stored.  The ability to be housed in the cloud provides complete peace of mind regarding resilience and redundancy.

Cross reference data stored in the Softdial Repository with 3rd party software as needed.  For example, if different outcome values are used by the customer, they can cross reference their outcome values against the outcome codes stored in the Softdial Repository.


  • No constraint on format of data stored – complete flexibility
  • Accessible from anywhere, using any device with any browser.
  • Fully encrypted
  • PCI compliant
  • No limit on size
  • Configuration for entire platform stored centrally with full backup
  • Easy to support
  • Flexible deployment