With Version 11 of Softdial Contact Center (SCC), Sytel introduces a complete multichannel solution that allows a contact center to handle sessions of any media type, then distribute those sessions to waiting agents in such as way as to permit them to handle multiple sessions simultaneously.

SCC's Automatic Session Distributor (ASD) manages distribution of all sessions types, regardless of type. Sophisticated blending rules allow an agent to move seamlessly from one media type to another.  Using Softdial Pathfinder, Sytel's routing software, the sessions can be distributed in the most efficient way possible, resulting in optimum customer service and agent utilization.

Sytel's ASD, combined with Softdial Scripter, ensures that customer data is delivered to agents for each session, providing them with the necessary contextual information to be effective.  And, as customer data builds up, it is always available for the next interaction.

Whether you are a small organization with multi-skilled staff, or a large outsourcer with specialized teams, SCC blending powered by Softdial Pathfinder will make best possible use of all available resources.

SCC supports a wide range of media channels out of the box such as: Voice, Video, Email, Web Chat, Messaging APP (such as Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger), Web calling (via WebRTC).  An extensive set of APIs allows new channels to be added easily.

Agents can be blended between outbound and inbound sessions regardless of the media type.  In an industry first, call blending now becomes media blending. Coupling this with the agent' multi session capability, provides for flexible and efficient working.


Customers are increasingly in charge of how they communicate with contact centers. Sytel's APIs makes this easy by allowing quick integration of any new media type. The routing engine, Softdial Pathfinder then takes control to ensure that any session type gets to the right queue and agent.




Softdial Pathfinder allows queues to be queued and dequeued to reflect both agent and customer attributes and also to reflect business rules such as SLAs. And this can be done for thousands of agents simultaneously per tenant, literally on demand.



Agents may handle more than one concurrent session, no matter what the media type. The limits on the number of concurrent sessions will be determined by agent, rather than system capabilities.


  • Support for voice, chat, SMS, email, social messaging, video
  • Cross-channel blending
  • Multisession support
  • Customer journey data is passed with each session.
  • Integrated agent desktop
  • Chatbot interaction for all media types
  • Extensive set of APIs for client/server side integration.