With Version 11 of the Softdial Contact Center™(SCC) product, Sytel has included tools and functionality needed to make the solution simple to deploy at large scale in cloud environments.

Some of the challenges of deploying in the cloud are:

  • Geographically dispersed solutions - contact centers may be spread across several regions.
  • In a geographically dispersed environment, it is essential that servers can be managed easily.  Communication between servers must be reliable and consistent.
  • The larger the environment, the greater the need for resilience.
  • When necessary it should be possible to scale up in an automated way by adding processing or storage resources.

In Version 11 Sytel has made enhancements in the following areas to accommodate greater scale:

  • Managing large numbers of tenants from a single tenant management user interface.
  • Simple management of server processing resources which may be spread across a large number of virtual servers .
  • Bootstrapping service - allows a VM at any location to be joined to the SCC cloud and quickly assigned roles and services.

Figure 1 — Sytel SCC deployed across multiple datacentres

  • Support for home working and remote working
  • Making services stateless where possible to allow web service and database redundancy.
  • Dividing key services such as the campaign management service into unique instances for each tenant.
  • Standardization of HTTP messaging for messaging between components.  This makes firewall configuration simple and benefits from HTTP's inherent resilience.
  • A central component registry allows components to lookup and then cache the path through which they may communicate with each other.
  • Message queueing ensures that messages passed between services, which may be geographically dispersed, are buffered and can be retried in the event of failure to send.
  • Cloud agnostic - Sytel's solution can be deployed onto all the major cloud vendors.

Figure 2 — scaling up, using Bootstrapper to deploy SCC services across multiple VMs


  • Designed to accommodate large numbers of tenants and users
  • Easy to scale-up as usage increases
  • Employs resilient technology for communication between datacentre locations