Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) version 10.7 is a bold new release of software for the contact center industry specifically aimed at enabling businesses to drive their services successfully in the multi-media market, both on premise and hosted.

Truly deliver remote working functionality to users. SCC version 10.7 provides multi-tenancy so as the host you maintain central control, your customers are securely segregated and with WebRTC technology their agents can be located anywhere; they don't need to be in the same building, or even in the same country.  Times zone differences - no problem.

Whether deployed in the Cloud or on premise, flexibility and adaptability is at the root of Sytel's development.  As the host, you can scale quickly to accommodate your users' needs.  Likewise, the tenant can run a fully flexible operation; agents can work on campaigns that are inbound, outbound and of any media type.  As traffic demands vary, the software automatically performs the required blending to ensure agents with the correct skills are seamlessly assigned to areas that are experiencing high volumes of communications.

Figure 1 - Example of Agent Desktop running a Script within a chat window

Sytel's multisession Agent Desktop application leverages the powerful web-based Scripter tool. With no prior programming skills, you can retrieve information from external databases and display on the agent's screen.  A WebRTC softphone is embedded in Agent Desktop.

Compliance is fundamental to Sytel.  Enjoy complete confidence that Sytel software delivers high performance while abiding by all regulatory rules imposed.  Combined with screen and voice recording, SCC version 10.7 ticks all the legal boxes.

The reporting provided with 10.7 is visual and flexible.  You decide what information is key; what should appear in the headline dashboard and what needs to be more detailed and the frequency of analysis.  Data can be exported for more detailed analysis.

Figure 2 - Example of outbound summary report

Sytel's SCC version 10.7 runs on Windows software and with its extensive APIs is able to communicate, and be integrated, with all existing systems.  If you can think it, with SCC 10.7 you can do it.


  • Inbound multimedia with multi sessions
  • World class Outbound Dialing; predictive, progressive and preview
  • Compliance with dialing regulations
  • Blending
  • Multi-tenancy; ideal for Cloud hosting
  • Powerful web-based Agent Desktop and Scripter
  • Accommodates remote agents with WebRTC
  • Screen & voice recording
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Comprehensive APIs