Agent time is one of the most expensive contact center resources, not just from an employment cost perspective, but also in terms of lost opportunity when it is not optimally utilised.  Well designed agent scripts can boost agent performance, just as badly scripted workflow will hinder an agent in closing a sale or providing excellent customer service.

Similarly, the time taken to generate a new script or update an existing script can limit the window of opportunity for the client's campaign.

Softdial Scripter™ addresses both of these critical issues with a fully featured script and workflow design suite for both inbound and outbound media that allows relatively inexperienced users to create efficient, complex and reliable agent script applications in a fraction of the time, which manage the relevant session data.

Softdial Scripter™ can be used to create flexible IVR workflows.  For chat, Chatbots can be designed to deliver basic session handling, in particular pre-processing a session, collecting key details about a customer before it is handed off to a live agent.


Figure 1 - Simple ‘Drag and Drop’ script design with Softdial Scripter

Figure 1 - Simple ‘Drag and Drop’ script design with Softdial Scripter

 Softdial Scripter™ comprises the following components:

  • Script Designer combines an extensive library of commonly used script components with an intuitive 'drag and drop' user interface. Creating a script is simply a matter of dragging script components (steps) onto the design window and linking them together by dragging an arrow from between the steps (Figure1). Outcome logic is defined when the steps are linked.

  • Screen Designer - Fast screen layout tool.

 Agent Desktop hosts the visual agent scripts, providing the business logic to the agent.  Agent screens are displayed using the latest HTML5 technology, allowing screens to be displayed in any browser, which allows for use of terminal services and Linux for agent stations.


Figure 2 - Part of a hotel booking script example

Figure 2 - Part of a hotel booking script example

Figure 2 - Script flow example

Scripter Features

  • Efficient, powerful script generation 
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party apps 
  • No programming knowledge required 
  • Extensive library of script 'steps' 
  • Create re-usable custom steps 
  • Visual 'drag and drop' step logic design
  • Agent Scripts
  • IVR Scripts
  • Text processing for text based media such as Chat and SMS
  • PCI compliant
  • Dynamic record update feature 

More than 50 standard script components are available for:

  • Database interaction via ODBC
  • IVR functions such as DTMF, TTS and ASR
  • Call handling including transfers, monitoring, recording
  • Credit card processing and validation 
  • Send email
  • Script flow – decision branch, compare values, pause, resume