CallGem, Sytel's ASD and dialing engine is the controller of all activities in the Sytel system.  Its ability to watch and manage every activity in the contact center ensures that agent time is used effectively and the customer experience is as good as it can be.

All Seeing & All Knowing - CallGem maintains a constantly updating picture of everything happening in the contact center at any given moment.  This includes:

  • Status of agent.  Are they talking/chatting, wrapping up, waiting for a new session or have they gone on a break?
  • Status of inbound sessions.  What is the origin and destination of the session and which agent should it be connected to?  Has the session come to a queue with an SLA, and if so has that SLA been breached?
  • Status of outbound calls.  Has the call connected to a respondent or is it still ringing? Is the number out of service?
  • Status information is provided to supervisors in a way that gives them the key information they need to take decisions.
  • Management Tasks.  Supervisors may need to intervene in agent activity and move agents from one task to another.

Inbound Flexibility - Inbound sessions take many forms. Voice calls, webchat, email, social media, SMS, chat applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp are all potential sources of inbound sessions.  A contact center must manage sessions and deliver them to agents.

Figure 1 – Example of voice call that has breached its SLA being passed to the agent available to handle the call.

Sytel's inbound solution manages all media sessions allowing the contact center administrator to configure everything from just one interface, and the supervisor to see all queues in a single console.  SLAs can be set against each queue ensuring the queued sessions are answered in the correct order of priority.

Agents can handle multiple sessions from multiple queues at the same time.  This is particularly relevant for text-based sessions such as webchat or SMS.

Outbound Efficiency - Outbound campaigns focus on making contact with potential customers and connecting them to agents, which can be a challenging task.  Many calls go unanswered and need to be re-tried at a later time.  Some calls are answered but the respondent may want to speak at another time resulting in a scheduled call back.

The task of keeping the agent active is critical to a contact center's bottom line.  If agents aren't busy they are not being productive.

Sytel's unique dialing solution keeps agents busy while avoiding excessive dialing that may result in abandoned calls.  Sytel's Campaign Manager product manages lists of respondents and tracks the status of each so they can be dialed and re-dialed as necessary.

Blending - Combining the efficiency of outbound calling with the flexibility of inbound tasks and delivering the different sessions to an available agent will bring the greatest efficiency to a contact center.

Inbound queues go through peaks and troughs at different times of day.  There are times when chat is more in demand, other times when people wish to call, and still other times when inbound queues become quiet and agents can take on other tasks.  By blending agents across all types of task and media type they can be kept busy.


  • Every contact center activity is monitored to provide a total view
  • Comprehensive information always available
  • Supervisors can make decisions based on realtime accurate information
  • Agents supplied sessions in a smooth manner to accommodate SLAs and keep agents productive
  • Easy to use, only one screen required to view information
  • Blending of outcome calling and inbound tasks and media types provides maximum efficiency