Campaign Management is at the heart of any contact center.  Here the critical decisions that affect the productivity and profitability of the business are made and with clients demanding ever more precision and granularity in controlling how effectively their line of business data is managed, the complexity of the contact center manager's job can be compared to that of an air traffic controller.

Just like the air traffic controller, the contact center manager depends on reliable and competent management tools to do his job well.  Softdial Campaign Manager provides a logically arranged control and monitoring suite that simplifies the task of keeping the contact center 'flying' under the most demanding conditions.  As a web application it can be easily accessed by any supervisor remotely over the internet if required.

In common with the other world leading Softdial components, Softdial Campaign Manager™ automates functions that should be automated while providing intuitive control interfaces wherever manual intervention is required.

Organising Campaigns - Multiple outbound lists may be easily combined into a single campaign, maximising dialer and agent productivity and allowing controlled blending of records from each list.  This is typically used in outsourcing environments.

If you have a large customer database, you may want to manage and report on it by geographic region or some other demographic.  Campaign manager provides list segmentation capabilities to manage this with a simple UI.  For example, if car dealerships in a particular county or state are having a stock clearance; the contact center handling outreach can prioritise this over other activities on the same campaign.

Figure 1 — Linking campaigns in Softdial Campaign Manager

Multiple Numbers per Record - Softdial Campaign Manager™ offers comprehensive support for up to 10 numbers per record, each of which may be assigned different call progress options, time-to-call limits and prioritisation for retry purposes.

Figure 2 – Multiple number setup

Retry Schemas - a versatile set of retry schemas is also provided with the ability to adjust retry order and retry count limits based on individual numbers or all numbers in the record.

Different retry count limits can also be set depending on the outcomes returned, for example, machine detection outcomes can be set with a lower number of retries and higher retry limits can be set for busies and no answers.  It is also possible to set the retry interval based on the last outcome.

Filter Selection - Softdial Campaign Manager™ provides flexible filter selection options using either the built in 'Condition Editor' which does not require any SQL Query knowledge, or a SQL free form query tool that allows the user to construct more complex selection queries.

Filtering can be based on any campaign database field to select only a particular type of record, for example with a campaign running during working hours, filtering could be used to target people over pensionable age.

Figure 3 – Retry Schemes for Multiple Numbers

Figure 4 – Setting up a filter with the Filter Condition


  • Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Inbound, IVR campaigns
  • Multiple lists per campaign
  • Multiple numbers per contact
  • Outbound skills based routing
  • Data selection filters with preview
  • Retry and callback management
  • Timezone management
  • Do not call lists
  • Campaign scheduling
  • End of list management
  • Automated dialer performance tuning
  • Call recording management
  • Database management
  • Regulatory compliance management