Sytel Features

The recent release of v10.7 of Sytel's SCC solution and updates to the Confirmit connector have added a raft of new functionalities.  These include the ability to receive inbound calls, respond to those calls with either live or IVR agents, transfer the calls to internal agents (live or IVR) or to external destinations.

Inbound Calls

The combined Sytel / Confirmit product includes the following features for handling inbound calls:

• Inbound calls can be delivered to a group of interviewers. When the call is connected the interviewer will be 'screen-popped' the relevant survey data for the caller.
• A DDI (telephone number) can be configured to direct calls to a group of agents.  Agents may be members of more than one group which may represent more than one survey, so the survey screen-popped to the interviewer can vary depending on the number called.
• The callers CLI is used to identify them and the data screen-popped to the interviewer will reflect this CLI, combined with the DDI they have called.
• Routing inbound calls to interviewers who may be working on outbound campaigns.  Those outbound interviewers are 'blended' across to the inbound call and when they complete the inbound call are blended back across to continue outbound calling.
• Inbound IVR surveys using automated inbound to deliver an automated IVR survey to a caller who calls in to a specifically assigned number.


• Inbound surveys can be directed to pools of interviewers.
• Where a respondent sees they have a missed call and calls back, the call can be answered by a waiting interviewer and screen-popped with the relevant survey data. Respondents who are calling back are often more likely to participate in a survey.
• All configuration of routing and interview respondents is contained within the Horizons UI.

Inbound DDIs are defined within the Confirmit UI and associated with an interviewer group, and interviewers are then associated with interviewer groups

Diagram 1 – associating DDIs with surveys

Diagram 2 – associating survey groups with surveys


• Agents participating in outbound projects can also be available for inbound calls.
• When an inbound call comes arrives an interviewer will be 'blended' across to the inbound call from the outbound project.
• Interviewers are selected based on the time they have been waiting.

• The same pool of interviewers can be used for inbound calls as is being used for outbound calls. No need for a separate team to handle inbound calls.


• Human interviewers are replaced by automated interviewers when using IVR surveys.
• Pre-recorded questions or text-to-speech are used to play questions to a respondent who can then give their response to questions by using the keypad on their phone.
• IVR interviews can be used for either inbound interviews or outbound interviews.
• Interview logic is defined in the Horizon survey logic which allows a survey's questions to be altered dynamically based on the responses given or based on external factors such as the quota that has been completed.

• Removes the cost of live interviewers by automating.
• No need for supervisors to monitor calls.
• Audio messages will be consistent.
• Multi-language interviews can be achieved more easily by using voice-recording artists to generate questions in each language.
• Diary management functionality can be leveraged to schedule interviews.
• Regional accents (and any subsequent effect on acceptance of a survey) can be removed

All complex IVR logic can be configured with in the survey designer interface within Horizons.