Sytel's software allows any 3rd party text application to be integrated with it.  Sytel provides a bridge specific for the text application and the APIs for connecting to the bridge.

The Softdial Chat Server receives the text information from the bridge and manages the conversations between the end customer and the Sytel service.  The Softdial Chat Server determines where to send the text; to a live agent, a virtual IVR agent or to a chatbot bridge for communication with a chatbot.

Control and manipulation of the text conversations is carried out by the Softdial Chat Server.  It passes the text conversation to the appropriate destination and manages the return part of the communication back to the correct end location.

Diagram showing layout of example 3rd party text applications and Sytel's system

End customers using regular chat will carry out their chat conversation in the normal manner using the web chat client on their screen.  The conversation elements will appear on the end customer's screen regardless of whether they are communicating with a live agent, a virtual agent or a chatbot.

A Chat session may be passed between destinations as the situation requires. For example, a live agent may pass a text session to a virtual agent in order to process card payment details, or a virtual agent might pass a text session to a live agent if the conversation becomes too complex for the script.  The Softdial Chat Server keeps account of where each text conversation is being handled and maintains the communication flow with the end user.

Unlike an IVR which follows a pre-defined script, a chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI).  The chatbot has the ability to send back actions to the Softdial Chat Server. For example, the chatbot may send an action to the Softdial Chat Server instructing it to pass the text communication to a live agent.  This can happen because the customer requested it or perhaps because the chatbot senses that otherwise the customer may sign-off.

SMS messages are also handled by the Softdial Chat Server.  The end user sends their sms to the given number and, using an sms gateway service, the sms message is delivered to the sms bridge which passes the text to the Softdial Chat Server.


  • East to implement
  • Integrate with any text application through the relevant Sytel Bridge
  • Text conversations may be with live agents, virtual IVR agents, chatbots or any combination as required
  • Live agents can pass conversations to virtual agents and chat bots and vice versa