Supervisor Desktop builds on the functionality of Agent Desktop to provide control features that give the supervisor the tools they need to manage teams of agents.  The supervisor can see a list of agents, monitor them and also change the campaigns they are participating in.

As with the Agent Desktop product, Supervisor Desktop supports multimedia.  Alongside voice, text-based media such as chat are also supported. All monitoring products are applicable to chat as well as voice.

Easy to Learn
As Supervisor Desktop is built on Sytel's existing Agent Desktop product it is a familiar interface for users.  A supervisor can even use Supervisor Desktop to perform agent tasks temporarily if needed, and then return to performing supervisor tasks once complete.

Agent Desktop in Supervisor mode showing the current script the monitored agent is working on

The following methods of monitoring an agent are supported:
Monitor - allows a supervisor to listen in to an agent's conversations without being heard.  Completely discreet.
Barge - allows a supervisor to enter into an existing conversation between an agent and caller. The supervisor is then able to speak to both parties - similar to a conference call.
Coach - allows a supervisor to join a call in such a way as to only be heard by the agent.  This allows the supervisor to provide advice and guidance to the agent.

Moving an Agent from One Campaign to Another
If the supervisor needs to move agents from one campaign to another, Supervisor Desktop allows one or more agents to be selected and then moved.  The next call that the selected agents participate in will be on the new campaign, the change is seamless and the agents do not have to logout and log back in.

Selecting a Session to Monitor
The supervisor can see a view of agent sessions that are currently in progress.  It is easy for the supervisor to select a voice call to listen in to. A list of sessions and users can be sorted and filtered to make it easy to select the relevant agent session.


  • Manage teams of agents
  • Move agents between campaigns
  • Supports multimedia
  • Familiar interface – enables easy upgrade from Agent desktop to Supervisor desktop
  • Supervisor can:
  • Monitor – listen only
  • Barge – join a call so all parties can hear each other
  • Coach – only heard by the agent