The Sytel Advantage

Sytel's Softdial Contact Center (SCC) architecture is uniquely optimised for the contact center business because it has been designed from the beginning with a holistic view of the industry and with its current and future requirements in mind.

This architecture did not happen by accident – it is the result of Sytel's history as a successful vendor of an integrated communications engine with a highly modular, scalable and adaptable architecture. The features that made Sytel the vendor of choice for contact center integrators also fuel Sytel's rapid growth and expansion as a supplier of the world's most versatile contact center platform.

The Sytel advantage following from this is that anyone building their business on the Sytel platform is assured that they are buying into a highly scalable and constantly evolving solution that will still be driving their business forward long after their competitor's solutions have reached the end of their useful life.

Command and Control

At the heart of SCC is CallGem. CallGem is the command and control center of the architecture and is aware of, if not directly controlling, every tenant, campaign, queue, agent and inbound or outbound call transaction that takes place throughout the contact center. No activities are allowed to take place without notifying CallGem or, when appropriate, getting its permission.


Fig. 1 - Sytel product architecture

Fig. 1 - Sytel product architecture


CallGem also knows the configuration of all peripheral components and their capacity or throughput limitations. With this information it dynamically manages changes in resource availability, e.g. changes in trunk availability, changes in the number of available agents on a campaign or campaigns launched by a tenant, enforcing tenant resource quotas or adjusting them to cope with unplanned resource shortages.

This dynamically extensible architecture is ideally suited to the hosted model due not only to the scalability and configurability it provides, but also the resilience that can be achieved through its ability to dynamically manage changes in resources.

SCC is also fully web-enabled with browser-based client applications and tenant resource configuration.

Cloud-based hosting

Hosted users can manage their 'dialer in the cloud' as if it was their own local dialer and data security is assured through tenant side server instances for components such as campaign and reporting databases and scripting applications.

Powerful telephony and media servers support any mix of IP, TDM and multi-media sessions for audio, email, SMS and chat and the modular media plug-in architecture makes it easy to add additional media modules such as video or web services as required.

Figure 2 illustrates the cloud-based hosting model with multiple CallGem instances sharing application, media and data resources. The outer ring of ellipses represents tenant specific resources such as sound files, call recordings, scripts, and campaign data.

At a time when the threat of identity theft is increasing alarmingly and PCI compliance is no longer optional for many call centers, Softdial's centralised security management, data encryption and data segregation features ensure compliance with the most demanding regulatory requirements.

Figure 2 – Cloud-based hosting with Softdial Contact Center™

Figure 2 – Cloud-based hosting with Softdial Contact Center™