Softdial WebRTC Gateway is a voice gateway solution to provide connectivity between Sytel's contact center software and a WebRTC softphone on the agent's computer, wherever they are - working from home, remotely or in a contact center. WebRTC is a technology that allows a browser application to utilise media devices such as microphone, speakers or webcam that may be connected to a computer. In a contact center environment this in turn allows the creation of a softphone within the browser that can connect to Sytel's contact center solution.

WebRTC Softphone:
When an agent opens a webpage such as Softdial Agent Desktop and provides logon credentials their browser1 will request to use the headset or microphone.  When they accept, the browser effectively becomes a softphone, connected to Sytel's SCC (Softdial Contact Center™) product and ready to make and receive phone calls.

WebRTC encrypts traffic by default so all voice traffic between browser and the WebRTC Gateway is secure.  Additionally, the bandwidth consumed can be automatically throttled to provide the best audio quality for the available bandwidth, which is essential when connecting over the Internet.

Figure 1 – 'WebRTC Gateway providing agent audio connectivity across the Internet to a web application using the Chrome browser.

Benefits for a supervisor or contact center manager:
Ease of use – when using SCC Agent Desktop, an agent uses their browser to navigate to the sign-on page.  Once signed in their WebRTC phone is automatically connected and configured.  There is no need to install or configure any software.
Easy to relocate an agent - if the agent changes PCs the configuration will follow.  All configuration settings are contained within the agent's logon details. 
WebRTC gateway is a component of SCC, therefore all reporting data is contained within SCC reporting. No need to compare reports between different systems.

Benefits for an agent:
An agent can be located anywhere.  The web technologies used to connect to the agent permit voice to be sent securely over the Internet.

Benefits for an IT operations team:
Users are created and managed through the existing Sytel SCC interfaces.
As a network edge solution, the WebRTC gateway encrypts and compresses data to send efficiently over the Internet to users located anywhere.  Internet bandwidth is used efficiently.
WebRTC zero deployment – no need to configure softphones or hardware phones.  The browser application performs all configuration using the agent's logon details to reference all other connection information, thereby reducing support requests.
Low cost - no hardware phone is required, simply connect a headset to the computer.

Benefits for a finance director
By sending calls across the internet the cost of connecting a remote agent is reduced significantly. No phone call is made to the agent – the call is passed over the Internet.

1. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please check versions in each case.