Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) supports audio recording of agent & customer conversations and screen recording of the agents workstation.  SCC can be configured to record all calls at a system, tenant, campaign or agent level.  Agents can be given the ability to start or stop a recording on demand.

Calls are recorded in wav format. For storage and portability purposes these files can be automatically converted to MP3.

Dual Channel Recording provided by Softdial telephony Gateway (STG) allows for separate audio recordings of agent and customer sides of the conversation. This allows for a specific side of the conversation to be transcribed and analysed by a 3rd party system.  Sytel complies with PCI DSS revision 3.2.1 for SCC, in particular the SCC APIs offers the facility to record silence (mute record) for a specific section of the conversation.

When enabled, 'record from launch' means all telephony progress tones and other information will be included in the recording.  This may be helpful in determining optimum Answer Machine Detection (AMD) parameter settings or reasons for call failures.

Screen recording consists of a lightweight Desktop Capture client installed on the Agent's PC.  This will begin to capture a video of the agent's screen activity when a session commences. When the session ends the video file is uploaded to a recording server and can then be combined with the audio recording of the same session to create the screen recording as an MP4 video file.

The Softdial Recording Monitor service parses call and screen recordings for tags and session data which are then written to a SQL database.  This data includes basic attributes such as date, time, agent ID but can also include custom data collected during the lifetime of the session.

This SQL based database allows for an easy integration with 3rd party Recording/QM systems.  Alternatively an extensive set of Web APIs are available to integrate directly to the recording services from a 3rd party system.

The Softdial Recording Monitor application is used by supervisors/managers for searching, retrieving, exporting and archiving of recordings.

Softdial Recording Monitor provides a wide set of options for searches as shown below:

From the Search tab:

  • single recordings may be played directly or downloaded
  • multiple recordings may be zipped and bulk downloaded

Convenient quick access is available for, "recent recordings" (most recent 200 records),
"today's recordings" and "yesterday's recordings".

Call and screen recordings can be streamed and controlled from the Recording Monitor
application as shown below:


  • Configuration per System, Tenant, Campaign, Agent or On-demand
  • Export Recordings
  • PCI Compliant
  • Flexible Search and Retrieval
  • Screen Recording
  • MP3 Compression Support
  • Archiving of Recordings
  • Extensive APIs
  • Dual channel recording