Softdial One brings a fresh innovative approach to how all users interact with applications.  The central design concept is that all functions and applications required should all be easily available from one central visual source.

Simply put, it is a personalised working screen layout for anyone, whether working at home, remotely or in a contact center.  The components or widgets making up each layout can be any kind of application developed for the web. And, all widgets in a layout are resizable to provide the best fit for each user.

The highest level of customization is provided so that all buttons, borders and controls within layouts can be truly personalised for each agent or for different permission levels.

And, all applications shown on Softdial One can be optimised so that they execute in an optimal manner, to meet user requirements.

This run-time optimization function enables Softdial One to be run on slower, less efficient machines making it ideal for low cost situations including those that are using Raspberry Pi or tablets.

Figure 1— shows all the widgets available for this agent in the left hand column. The active media sessions the agent can work on appear in the dark 'docking' column and the active screens being used are shown in the central section.

In this example the agent has chosen a voice session where he is talking to a customer.  He is making use of the order form and the help desk screen, while also keeping their eye on the Sytel blog web page which is included on the Softdial One page inside an Iframe.

Changing the Softdial One layout is easy, requiring no programming knowledge. New agents can be up and running quickly, accessing all the applications relevant to them from one place.  For situations where customization is not required, Sytel offers pre-defined Softdial One set-ups that allow agents to be operational 'out-of-the-box'.  Alternatively, an administrator can create a global layout for users of a certain type.  For example, a customer service team may have a different Softdial One layout to a sales team.  This approach makes adding new agents to a task, or range of tasks, fast and simple.

Company intranets can be easily included within Softdial One, giving agents constant access to information important to your business.  The ability to include any web based 3rd party software provides limitless potential; CRMs and other independent applications can all be included in Softdial One.  Agents can work across multiple screens, giving them physically more real estate to display the information they need to use.

Figure 2. A layout option showing the widgets in column format. In this example a supervisor has access to a help desk screen, the company web site and one widget in order to manage his team of agents.


  • Single screen housing all the applications required by the user
  • Fully customizable
  • Run-time optimized to ensure fast running even on low cost hardware
  • Pre-defined set-ups enable users to be operational quickly, no technical knowledge required
  • Any 3rd party web based software can be included