Softdial Contact Center™ enables relatively inexperienced users to rapidly create complex agent scripts, IVR systems, chatbots and other process flow applications. This is achieved using Softdial Scripter™, a fully featured script and workflow design suite for both inbound and outbound sessions.

Scripts are delivered in a web browser, giving remote and home workers the same experience as if they were in the contact center.

Softdial Scripter™ offers two user components:

  1. Script Designer - an extensive library of commonly used script components with an intuitive 'drag and drop' user interface.
    Just drag script components (steps) onto the design window and define outcome logic by dragging an arrow between the steps.

    More than 100 standard steps are available, including those enabling:
    • database Interaction via ODBC or web service
    • IVR functions such as DTMF, TTS and ASR
    • call handling including transfers, monitoring, recording
    • credit card processing and validation
    • sending email
    • script flow – decision branch, compare values, pause, resume

    And by creating your own steps, Scripter can achieve practically anything you could achieve using C#.
  2. Screen Designer - an easy-to-use screen layout tool for presenting information to a user on their desktop using tables, buttons, checkboxes, dropdown boxes and much more.

Create Agent Scripts

Agent time is one of the most expensive contact center resources, and optimising it is critical. Scripter enables and promotes accurate, effective script design, boosting agent performance and helping them to close a sale or provide excellent customer service.


And scripts can be updated on-the-fly, enabling incremental improvements and boosting campaign productivity.

The screens, providing business logic to the agent, are hosted by Softdial Agent Desktop™. Using the latest HTML5 technology, screens can be displayed in any browser. This enables home working and remote working, and allows for use of terminal services and Linux for agent stations.

Create IVR Systems & Chatbots

Scripter can be used to create

  1. complex IVR workflows, e.g. to block or unblock a customer's credit card in case of fraud and then send them an SMS to confirm the status change.
  2. chatbots to deliver basic session handling, e.g. to request a username and password from a caller and once authenticated provide them with their account balance and offer them the chance to be put through to a live agent.

Create Process Flow Applications

Scripter can be used as an application builder, for the design and execution of other process flows, e.g.

  • a script that uses the content of an email to open a helpdesk ticket in a support database.
  • a script to perform scriptable tasks on a server such as checking disk space, deleting files and then restarting Windows.

This approach allows

  • both business and technical people to talk the same language of process flow, aiding the process of application development
  • non-code writers to effectively write code and build applications, reducing the need to employ highly skilled developers


  • Efficient, powerful script generation
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Extensive library of script 'steps'
  • Create re-usable custom steps
  • Visual 'drag and drop' step logic design
  • Agent, IVR and chatbot scripts
  • No-code application development
  • Text processing for text based media such as chat and SMS
  • PCI Compliant
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party apps
  • Dynamic Record update feature