Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) product provides several reporting solutions to suit different requirements.  These range from a simple stream of event data that can be received by one or more external reporting applications to a simple database feed to a relational database, to a complete web-reporting application with a highly flexible and configurable user interface.  This product sheet contains information about Sytel's web-based fully-featured reporting solution.

Sytel's Reporter5 is your view on how the contact center is performing.  This quick to install and activate service allows you to display the information that is relevant to you in a style that suits your needs.  All the data you need to track is displayed in discreet individual sections known as widgets, housed in a dashboard display using a layout that is specified by you.

Multimedia - All multimedia sessions; voice, chat, email and sms, both inbound and outbound, passing through the SCC can be reported on and displayed in a range of styles - raw data tables, big number information and highly refined graphs such as; pie, bar, line and area.

Data anywhere at anytime - The web-based service gives you freedom to access the information you have specified in any location, whether working from home, remotely or in a contact center. For example, to show the contact center key information on the main wall board for all to see but keep an eye on specific areas using your tablet while on the move – no limitations and no restraints.

Formula Builder - Users can create customised metrics to display information how they want to see it and add it to the summary reports.

Figure 1 - Example of dashboard containing 4 widgets

Shared folders 
Standard reports are available in shared folders for everyone to use. Intuitive folder layout enables easy navigation to quickly access the required report. Additional reports can be generated as required, providing full flexibility to report on ad-hoc or non-standard information.

Completely customisable
Each widget displays the data you want to see. Colour coding can be applied to trigger colour changes when specific values are met. All reports can be exported to CSV or Excel formats.

Reporting frequency
Reports can be generated for export to CSV and Excel formats. These reports can be one-off or scheduled to run at user defined pre-set intervals.

Set thresholds
You may have certain measurements that need to stay within specific limits. Applying thresholds to widgets ensures that every time those measurements meet or exceed the given threshold the color of the data changes, thereby quickly drawing your attention to the situation.

More detail / Less detail
There are times when the information displayed in the widget just needs a bit a more explanation. By hovering over with a mouse, or using your finger on a touchscreen, additional information will appear in the context menu, such as; the description and its value. Widgets can also be minimized leaving only the header visible. Simply double clicking on the header will revert the widget back to full size.

Build your own
There are no constraints – a template widget is available for your complete customization of items. Let your imagination and business needs guide you.


  • Multimedia session data displayed visually
  • Presented in dashboard style
  • Shared folders with easy navigation
  • Information on both real-time and historical data
  • Schedule reports for export
  • Export to CSV or Excel
  • Unlimited number of dashboards and widgets
  • Web application / browser based
  • Fully customizable:
  • Layout of widgets
  • Colors / themes
  • Threshold values
  • Refresh times
  • Save to a personal profile