Sytel's Scripter offers great flexibility in building integrations with third party chatbots.  These integrations are made using custom steps to enable communication between Scripter and an AI chatbot of any choice.

There is a wide range of choice for building the communication channel and supported technologies include Sockets, WebSockets, HTTP and HTTPS .

As an example of a scripter integration model, let's imagine that the conversation can be initiated by either the chatbot, or the customer.  A typical use case for this conversation might be an upgrade of a TV package. After we confirm the customer's ID, we then ask an open question.

The approach may be: send all sentences, one by one, from the customer to the external AI chatbot and execute the actions received from it.

Let's say we have the following dialog flow as reference:

Figure 1— An example of a dialog flow using an integration with an external AI chatbot

After processing a customer message, the chatbot responds in one of two ways:

A text asking for a next question to follow the dialog flow (let's say.. ask which package the customer wants to upgrade to), or

An action to Scripter instructing it to close the deal, or maybe pass the text communication to a live agent, if the chatbot senses that otherwise the customer may sign off

Softdial Scripter will provide all messaging infrastructure to connect the customer with the chatbot.  It may also want to ensure that Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) has a reserve of live agents to take over the conversation, if required.

Sytel offers a complete framework to build scripter custom steps that using Microsoft C# .NET as the main development language.  This allows partners complete flexibility in building any type of integration with 3rd party chatbots.


  • Easy to implement
  • Text conversations may be with live agents or chatbots, or any combination as required
  • Live agents can pass conversations to chatbots and vice versa
  • Canned responses are easy to configure
  • Integration with any external chatbot using different technologies such as socket, websocket or HTTP/HTTPs.