Agent Desktop is Sytel's web-based application that gives an agent control over sessions that have been assigned to them by Sytel's session distribution system.  The agent can see and interact with several sessions simultaneously using this single interface.

Multimedia - The agent can interact with the sessions of different media types; transfer, conference, set an outcome etc. in a similar way to that of a voice session.

Multisession - Agents can easily interact with multiple sessions simultaneously.  Agents can quickly switch between sessions, see new chat messages and important information appearing in the session navigation bar. Other media types such as email and SMS can be accommodated.

WebRTC Phone - A softphone is embedded within the Agent Desktop browser application.  This softphone is enabled when the agent logs in thereby removing the need for a separate telephone on the agent's desk.

Scripter can be integrated into the Agent Desktop.  A chat session or a voice session can screen pop data relating to the caller.  Scripter's application building tools allow customer data to be pulled using ODBC database connections or via web services.  The Agent Desktop serves as a 'wrapper' for Scripter screens which means that your Scripts can focus on business logic while Agent Desktop provides session/call handling functionality.

Figure 1 – Example of Agent Desktop with Softdial Webphone

Screen Sections - In figure 2 below, you can see the various sections of the Agent Desktop application, and how they are used by the agent.  The result is an intuitive, highly effective tool for managing multiple inbound sessions of differing media types.

Figure 2 – Agent Desktop components


  • Support for multimedia
  • Both Inbound and Outbound calls and chats supported
  • Quick navigation between sessions
  • Transfer calls and chats to other agents, supervisors and external parties
  • Agents receive alerts to notify them of important updates
  • Web application / browser based for ease of deployment
  • Makes use of Sytel Scripter to build applications quickly