Softdial Contact Center (SCC) is the Sytel flagship suite of feature rich contact center applications and services.

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For partners interested in acquiring Sytel product brochures for rebranding, the source files are available on request. Any factual changes may only be made with Sytel's prior written agreement.


Sytel supplies contact center software solutions on a global basis.  The overall product, Softdial Contact Center (SCC) is very open and users and partners can choose which components to deploy.

The product information provides descriptions of key software components.  As such, these are primarily technical product descriptions rather than a summary of benefits as to what the product can do.  Nevertheless, we should add at the outset, that our goal as a company is to supply software with two principal goals:

  • to maximise the customer experience
  • to encourage agents to be productive and get satisfaction from their work

We hope that you will get a sense of how we do this from the product information, but to learn more consult your Sytel representative or partner for a demo.

Our main focus as a company is on the provision of hosted multimedia systems, but the same software suite can also be used to deliver on premise systems.  Agents can be working from home, mobile or based in a contact center. Our multimedia offering is effectively a blended omnichannel solution, across all media types.  This allows customers to easily switch between media types as they communicate with agents.  The design of the Automatic Session Distributor (ASD) allows agents to manage a number of different media sessions simultaneously, maximising agent performance

All SCC components support solid and secure partitioning, i.e. multi-tenancy, ensuring a customer's performance data are available for their eyes only.  SCC is built to support from 5 agents to 10,000+ in a multi-tenant environment.  Scale-up and scale-down can be performed on the fly in rapid response to changing business needs with no down time and no interruption in business flow.

SCC has been especially architected to withstand the storms of the hard-working distributed contact center, where network and hardware failure is a fact of life.  In such circumstances, SCC components gracefully clean up and recover with the minimum of customer intervention.

Whether you are looking to implement a state-of-the-art IP infrastructure or extend the life of your existing TDM investment, or a combination of both, SCC handles both IP and TDM traffic seamlessly, transparently and interchangeably.

Agents, supervisors, managers and IT personnel may need to get online from literally anywhere, whether as part of a company network, or a remote or home user.  To meet this need, SCC front-end, management and maintenance functions are available via a web browser.


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