Contact center agents no longer require a physical phone or a SIP softphone client.  With the adoption of WebRTC by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and soon to be Apple Safari, it is possible for agents to use a web browser as their phone.  WebRTC is a technology that allows browser applications to utilise media devices such as; microphone, speakers or webcam that may be connected to a computer for a myriad of uses.

Using WebRTC, Sytel has developed the "Softdial webphone".  This can be used in three ways:

  1.  As part of Sytel's Agent Desktop – the webphone is auto configured
  2.  Standalone webpage – manual or auto configuration
  3.  Embedded into your own webpage – can be auto configured

The benefits of the Softdial webphone include:

  • Encryption of the signalling and voice media by default
  • Internet ready audio format which reacts to any changing network conditions to provide the best possible audio
  • No installation or maintenance
  • Lower cost – no investment in phones. Remote agents can connect over the Internet rather than via a telephone provider.
  • Foolproof interface for the Agents