So why is this man so upset? He just been told by his dialer vendor that the predictive dialer he bought from them at some inflated cost won't work properly under the new Ofcom compliance rules announced in the UK in 2017 – and the advice from them is to turn it off!  Forget how much money it cost, just turn it off!

In one sense this is actually very good news since the dialer industry has a very bad track record of producing good dialer performance under compliance. Why run a predictive dialer under compliance when all it does is make some abandoned calls and produce no real benefit?  Well done to those dialer vendors who have finally come clean on their lack of performance under compliance.

Speak to the UK regulator, Ofcom, as we did, and they will tell you that they have no plans to ban predictive dialing.  And there is at least one dialer out there that can perform well under the new Ofcom rules, at minimal levels of abandoned calls and it has proven this over many years with many satisfied customers.

That dialer is from Sytel.

So don't despair Mr Upset Call Centre manager.  Give us a call and we will show you how can have great predictive performance AND stay out of trouble with Ofcom.

In a wider context.....

The retreat to progressive dialing is not just a UK issue.  It is one that we see being repeated in a number of countries, as customers realise that their predictive dialers just don't perform well under compliance.

In many case, dialer vendors are responding by telling customers that if they can organise their data and calling patterns better, then they can overcome their lack of predictive dialing performance.  But good data management is what call centers do anyway and deploying techniques such as right time to call software are second nature to most of them.

Improved data management of course has nothing to do with predictive dialer performance.  Once you have optimised your data management then a well-tuned dialer will still provide excellent "predictive gain" under compliance. Whereas a progressive dialer will still leave you struggling to get to 30 minutes talk time in the hour, if that.

Help is at hand

Feeling let down by your dialer vendor who can't cope with predictive dialing under compliance, or confused by the issues, then just give us a call.