This month we are discussing how Sytel has created probably the world's best UX for contact center users with the introduction of its revolutionary layout engine "Softdial One". Users now have access to all the information they need in One place to complete their tasks. Softdial One solves the problem of cutting through mountains of information to get the specific part required, without requiring a swivel chair in front of multiple monitors or having so many screens open there is no space left on the tabs bar.

How has this been achieved? By breaking our entire portfolio of applications into small Widgets, which become the building blocks of a Softdial One layout. Widgets can also be containers to embed any 3rd party web application, or Sytel's scripter which pulls information from legacy systems.

Layouts can be created for any role within the contact center and give complete flexibility on what information or functionality is presented. This means a layout could contain widgets for a specific work function that would traditionally require access to multiple applications to achieve.

This allows agents to focus on providing the best service possible rather than having to spend time and energy on navigating cumbersome obstacles; a major win for both the customer and the agent.

Not only does Softdial One house everything an agent needs but the application is highly optimized which enables Softdial One to run on slower, less efficient machines, which is perfect for contact centers that use Raspberry Pis or tablets.

To make a good thing even better, changing the Softdial One layout is easy and requires no programming knowledge. New users can be up and running quickly, accessing all the applications relevant to them. In the majority of cases where customization is not required, there are pre-defined Softdial One layouts that allow users to be operational 'out-of-the-box'.

If you would like to learn more about Softdial One, just contact us.