Are you getting true, end-to-end unified omnichannel? Or are you just getting siloed media channels which are separate applications on the agent desktop.

Of course, any vendor worth his salt offers omnichannel, but life has moved on. The challenge now is thoroughly integrated omnichannel.

All contacts of any type – chat, voice, email, social, chatbots or any other – are 'sessions' which should be distributed and load balanced by the central command and control hub, or in Sytel's case what we call the Automatic Session Distributor (ASD) - not just calls (as in ACD) but all media sessions between agents and customers (hence ASD).

This deep unification enables us to deliver:

  1. best servicing of SLAs – because the ASD has sight of all resources, it exercises control to continuously load balance across all media channels
  2. best use of customer time – customers can easily exploit the full range of media types without having to re-engage, moving for example between a chatbot and a live voice call at the touch of a button
  3. best customer engagement – contact history from all media types allows the software to connect the customer with the most appropriate agent
  4. best use of agent time – because agents can handle a number of media sessions simultaneously and also switch between them seamlessly, agent productivity is maximised
  5. best agent engagement – the variety of workloads across all media channels makes for happier agents, who are thus more likely to flourish
  6. best agent support – full contact histories are available to the agent, aiding the flow of conversation and the quality of service
  7. best view of agents and customers – activities across all media types are available for realtime reporting, giving a 360 degree view of all customer journeys and KPIs.

Is your omnichannel fully integrated and able to deliver all these benefits? If not, feel free to contact Sytel.