This month, we announce some extensions to our chatbot capabilities, allowing call center staff and supervisors to easily create chatbots for any purpose.

This makes for a more complete customer journey with customers moving seamlessly between chatbots and other functions within the Softdial Contact Center (SCC).  So as well as a chatbot being potentially a way into a live chat with an agent, equally a customer may decide to move directly from a live call with an agent to a chatbot, in order to get answers to particular questions.

We have upgraded our chatbot capabilities to allow easier configuration in how exactly a chatbot will interpret messages sent by a customer and define what action should be taken.  By creating groups of words with similar meanings such as 'want' and 'need' an intent can be identified.  The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine reviews the combination of words used to determine the meaning of the whole phrase and allows a task to be assigned to it.

The task might be to send a message to the customer with a question and wait for a response, or it could be to use information collected in the chat to retrieve data from a database and then transfer the call to a live agent.  The chatbot configuration tools are contained within Sytel's Scripter Designer.  Using a familiar UI makes a supervisor's job easier and allows them to become proficient at designing and configuring chatbots.

Customers using chatbots will get better responses, no matter what their questions.

"Sytel's toolsets for providing chatbots not only allow any kind of application to be developed, but the intuitive UI that is being delivered with the latest version of Sytel Scripter, makes the use of this product a no-brainer" Fabio Santana, Head of AI Integration at Flex.

See our product document for more information.


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