This month, we focus on improving the customer experience by leveraging data to give fast, well-informed service.

When two people start a conversation, they will quickly identify certain things about each other which allow them to make some fairly accurate assumptions about who the other person is and what they really want.

Those judgements could be based on very personal things like their clothes, their accent or even their style of hair. They might also be based on less personal things such as the time of day or their location.

Unfortunately, talking to a contact center by phone, chat or email often involves a prolonged period of "getting to know you" which can be both frustrating and time consuming for the customer, and probably not much fun for the agent either. We'd all love it if when we reach out to a contact centre, the agents that respond could work out who we are and what we want, and get straight to the reason for the contact.

To this end, the contact centre should be able to make educated assumptions by using existing data in virtually any form to get an inbound customer talking to the best possible agent, or even their preferred agent, as quickly as possible. And in the process, the agent should be given information that will help them to bring the session to a successful conclusion.

Sytel's new session routing product, Softdial Pathfinderâ„¢, offers a powerful, highly flexible solution to these challenges.

Just as individuals place greater emphasis on certain types of information when they meet, so Pathfinder users can design a series of ordered and prioritised rules to identify key information about a caller.

For example:

  • Previous contact -
    Has the caller spoken to us before? How recently? What was it about?
  • Previous success -
    Which agents were previously successful in communicating with this caller? Why were they successful?
  • Urgency -
    How important is it that this caller is dealt with immediately? Would it be better to put them in contact with their preferred agent at a later time, or is this an urgent call?
  • VIP -
    From what we know about this caller's history, how important are they to us?

The information gathered can be brought instantly together to provide an assessment of the caller and then to determine what the best action is. Some options might be:

  • If the customer has previous successful contact with a particular agent (the 'right' agent), route the session to them
  • If the right agent is not available, and the session is urgent, pick out the best agent for the customer
  • If the session is not urgent, automatically set up a callback for the right agent at a time that suits the customer
  • If they are a VIP customer, push the session to the front of the queue
  • Provide the customer with a series of automated options that answers their query without involving an agent.

These comprehensive data query and session routing capabilities, for any type of media, can be utilized within Pathfinder in Version 11 of Softdial Contact Centerâ„¢.

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