What's great about 'design-your-own' pizza?

You get everything you love (and none of the stuff you don't!), all in one place.

With version 11 of Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC), Sytel delivers a 'design-your-own' web-based desktop, where everyone in the contact center – from agent, supervisor, manager, to tenant administrator - can get what they need, all in one place.

Softdial One™ is Sytel's most versatile product to date, designed to bring tailored individuality to wildly diverse contact center operations.

Permitted users can mix and match their own desktop layouts, using reports, web pages, agent scripts, configuration items, etc. And administrators/ hosting providers can publish defined layouts to particular users/ tenants, to fit their precise needs, with complete control over who has access to what.

Here's a sample of what can be made available for different users:

For agents

  • Scripts – designed and built using our workflow design tool, Softdial Scripter™
  • Session control – hang up a call, or reply to a chat/ email/ SMS
  • Business data – display data from a CRM database, or the history of all contact with this person
  • Multiple media types – work with voice, chat, email, social, SMS, etc
  • Multiple concurrent sessions – switch easily between active chats, emails, calls, etc
  • External tools – display any external web page or web-based service (e.g. payment gateway)

For supervisors

  • Whisper, coach, barge, to develop your agents
  • Search for and playback recordings
  • Use any web-based ERP/ CRM system

For back office/ administrators

  • Perform all setup & configuration

Resellers can localise and/or add branding. Look and feel can be tailored and saved per user, to fit their needs exactly.

The industry's most flexible, design-your-own desktop manager delivers all the favourites, tailored for each user, all in one place.

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