All About Chatbots.

So chatbots are here to stay! And they are now an integral part of Sytel's product offering, no matter what the chatbot, or how you want to deploy it.

You can develop a chatbot using the resources of Softdial Contact Center (SCC). It contains a Text Processing Library which allows the development not just of simple dialogues as below, but advanced applications using the Natural Language Processing Functions, within Scripter.

Or you can easily integrate a third party chatbot, again using Scripter.

In the example below we show a simple chatbot built with Scripter for handling the upgrade of a mobile/TV package. In this case, the Scripter chatbot handles simple dialogue choices, but with the ability to involve another chatbot to handle more sophisticated dialogues. This second chatbot could have built using Scripter again, or could be a third party chatbot, for example IBM Watson.

Within Softdial Contact Center a chatbot is simply a generic application that can be deployed and activated in any way to suit the particular customer scenario. For example, an agent on a live voice call with a customer might suggest that the customer switches to a chatbot in order to acquire information or complete a form. And then if the customer wants to talk again to the same live agent, he can easily switch back using say Web RTC.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of chatbots in your SCC installation see the Sytel product information on Chatbots or talk to your local sales contact.