For the contact center, automation - wherever & whenever you can - is key to reducing costs. This month, we highlight Sytel's facility to automate a wide range of actions in response to the arrival of a call or text session, without writing custom code.

At the most basic level, when a session comes into a contact center, it should be connected to someone who can handle it. But to streamline the customer journey, there is a vast range of other possibilities, which can be linked to form an automated process flow.

Consider the following examples:

  • Use a chatbot to request a username and password from a caller and once authenticated provide them with their account balance and offer them the chance to be put through to a live agent.
  • Use an IVR option to block or unblock a customer's credit card in case of fraud and then send them an SMS to confirm the status change.
  • Use the content of an email to open a helpdesk ticket in a support database.
  • Perform scriptable tasks on a server, such as checking disk space, deleting files and then restarting Windows.

All this is possible using Softdial Scripterâ„¢. The exact sequence can be developed as a flow chart, by using the 100+ process steps in the standard library of our visual design tool. The flow chart allows you to specify what happens as a result of each step along the way. Then, once associated with a queue, the flow is executed in real time as sessions arrive in that queue.

And if you need functionality that can't be achieved using the standard library, a simple custom Python DLL is all that's required, which can then be used in flow charts by regular Scripter users.

This approach has some very significant benefits:

  1. A flow chart is familiar to most as a method for visualising business process. This means that with Scripter, business people and technical people can speak the same language and create an application together that truly fulfils a business need.
  2. Scripter is a code writing tool for non-code writers. Visual flow chart design means that processes can be automated without hiring a highly skilled software developer (with the accompanying salary that this implies!) It only takes a few days to learn to create flows using Scripter. Compare that to a few years to become a competent software developer!

Learn more about the power and versatility of Scripter, or for a demo, just contact Sytel.