Design UIs to suit each user

February, 2020

Design & publish custom web desktops for agents, supervisors or tenants.

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Omnichannel, from start to finish

December, 2019

Are you getting true, end-to-end unified omnichannel? Or are you just getting siloed media channels which are separate applications on the agent desktop.

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Automate Process without Writing Code

November, 2019

This month, we highlight Sytel’s facility to automate a wide range of actions in response to the arrival of a call or text session, without writing custom code.

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Leverage Data for Great Service

September, 2019

This month, we focus on improving the customer experience by leveraging data to give fast, well-informed service.

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NLP Chatbot

July, 2019

Customers move seamlessly between chatbots and other functions within the Softdial Contact Center (SCC).

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The Right Agent

May, 2019

People buy from people, so why not connect a customer with an agent who they already have a relationship with?

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Softdial One

April, 2019

Softdial One - the best UX for contact center users with the introduction of its revolutionary layout engine.

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March, 2019

Chatbots are an integral part of Sytel's product offering.

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Sytel and Afiniti Partner

February, 2019

Sytel and Afiniti partner to bring world-leading AI products to the contact center to enhance agent performance and improve customer experience.

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What's happening with WebRTC?

January, 2019

WebRTC has come a long way; from simply providing voice audio to enabling buttons embedded in web pages to deliver video calls to agents in contact centers or at home. Here we look at what is happening with WebRTC.

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