TVG adds Sytel to its list of services

November, 2016

Telecommunications VG (TVG) has been providing solutions since 1993 to global clients in Mexico and USA, directly supporting more than 8,500 agents. TVG is an Avaya Platinum Business Partner, a Premier Business Partner with CISCO, and the only Oracle Communications certified Hyperconnected Enterprise Partner in Latin America. They have recently successfully migrated several contact centers to SIP with Oracle's SBCs for several major banks including; Santander, Banorte and Scotiabank.

Continued issues with existing contact center technology suppliers have driven TVG to look for an alternative solution. Gustavo Villarreal, CTO of TVG explains, "We like to go deep with our customers and understand what they need. As clients' communications operations become increasingly complex and dynamic, the contact center turns into the ball and chain that slow down everything for marketing, support, finance and other areas. It just doesn't move as fast as the business requires, and its expensive! We love to surprise our customers when we show them ways in which their contact center should be adding value to their company, and that it can be done effectively, in a timely manner and that it is not as complicated as traditional technology vendors have accustomed the market to. Before Sytel, we just saw a lot of opportunity, but no way to fulfil them. Now with Sytel, we are able to break this ball and chain and deliver not only the best technical solution, but also a solution that is simple to budget, straightforward to implement, support, grow, shrink, or anything we may need."

Sytel was known to TVG because of Sytel's advisory role to both the FTC Do Not Call Implementation Act and the Ofcom ruling on silent and abandoned calls. "Not only does Sytel provide full compliance capabilities for; PCI, FTC/FCC, TCPA etc. but they also have the most advanced proven dialer in the market, as well as excellent support for all contact center activities," commented Villarreal. "We are completely confident our customers and TVG will flourish with the Sytel."

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel says, "We are extremely pleased that TVG has selected Sytel, we look forward to working with this highly skilled, advanced technology partner. Our service features include multi-media, full blending and great reporting. Not only can it run on any hardware but it can be integrated to any database, web service or API. We believe in providing full flexibility, which encompasses licensing and personalised support."

TVG and Sytel were both invited to present at a User Group conference in Las Vegas in September. Villarreal clearly identified TVG's reasons for moving to Sytel and introduced McKinlay who directly answered questions from the delegates.

"There was a general feeling of concern and frustration among the delegates in Las Vegas. We understand changes need to be made. Do you persevere with ongoing problems, or do you put your end customers first and consider an alternative solution? We are fully confident that TVG has a first class alternative that customers can smoothly migrate to," added Villarreal.