Sytel Celebrates 12 Years of Success with the Quantrax Corporation in North America

April, 2015

Global contact centre software manufacturer, Sytel Ltd and Quantrax Corporation Inc, the receivables management expert based in Maryland U.S.A, are proudly celebrating a successful working relationship lasting twelve years.

Key to their success has been a joint approach to helping debt collectors responsibly overcome the challenges experienced when dealing with an increasingly weighty compliance load; whilst achieving excellent performance.

Quantrax Corporation has enjoyed a successful 25-year track record building knowledge-based collection systems for the Accounts Receivables Management industry. Quantrax's state-of-the-art collection software, Receiveables Management Expert (RMEx), is widely used by; collection agencies, law firms, hospitals, auto finance and student loans companies, utilities, banking or anyone that manages their own receivables.

Quantrax's Receivables Management Expert (RMEx) takes full advantage of Sytel's integrated software to deliver the most advanced dialer platform the industry has to offer and RMEx navigates the complex compliance rules. The outcome is accurate call management enabling users to enjoy maximised productivity whilst staying clear of compliance issues.

Sytel's unique design complements RMEx well. It's easily possible for Sytel to deliver better performance with a 3% abandon rate compared to other collections dialers which run in excess of 20%. The benefits are clear; excellent performance whilst wasting fewer footprint calls (as abandoned calls) and reduced customer harassment. Simply stated, it is different, and better.

Ranjan Dharmaraja, CEO of Quantrax Corporation Inc. says; "Sytel proactively takes a leadership role regarding compliance regulations which provides us with full confidence in their services. With Sytel and RMEx, Quantrax provides our customers with complete confidence in our compliance capabilities."

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel says; "Quantrax have taken a lead, managing the increasingly challenging compliance rules thoroughly and with great responsibility. Sytel complements this approach. We have a unique dialer that can deliver high performance at a fraction of the abandonment rate other dialers are forced to produce. This reduces the volume of footprint calls wasted through abandons etc. Reducing a high volume of silent calls also helps avoid consumer harassment. As calling conditions continue to become more difficult for collections organisations, our combined responsible approach delivers excellent performance."

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