Fidobank Sees an Increase in Customer Satisfaction Using Sytel Software

March, 2015

Fidobank, a Ukrainian bank with headquarters in Kiev, runs a 24x7 operation across eight different time zones. Installing Sytel's software has provided the glue that allows customers to contact the right person in the bank, first time.

Roman Shevtsiv, Vice President of Fidobank says; "We are very pleased to have selected Sytel as our supplier. The Sytel solution met all our needs, and could be installed with minimum disruption. Furthermore, the text to speech service on the IVR, which we have been able to implement in Russian, is a key strength of the service."

Fidobank has been using Sytel's software since October 2014. The bank's inbound and outbound campaigns include; telesales, debt collection and telemarketing, with an IVR also providing end customers with a comprehensive self-service option.

The Sytel solution includes an extensive library of scripter rules which can be amended as necessary to accommodate different languages, a key requirement for Fidobank. In addition, the bank has also built their own rules using the Sytel Scripter to ensure calls are routed to the most suitable destination.

Fidobank considered several suppliers and carried out rigorous selection criteria before selecting Sytel Ltd. Once the decision had been made, the call center was operational within three weeks.

"Sytel's adaptability and speed to implement was clearly recognised by Fidobank in their selection process", commented Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel. "Combining these attributes with the flexibility of the Scripter tool has provided Fidobank with the best option."

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