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As a white label and OEM supplier as well as a vendor in our own right, Sytel does not tell the world about every contract won. We do issue releases when we think circumstances warrant. 


Sytel Calls on OFCOM to Uphold its Dialer Guidelines

December, 2006

Sytel Limited has urged Ofcom to uphold its recent crackdown on the persistent practice of nuisance calling.

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Sytel Builds Strategic Relationship with Aculab™

November, 2006

Sytel Limited has signed a strategic agreement with Aculab™ to use its Prosody X high density media processing platforms..

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Sytel Rewrite the Support Rules

October, 2006

Sytel Limited has announced that it now offers a 24 hour, 365 day technical support package for customers who require round the clock attention.

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Sytel Appoints Head of International Advisory Board

September, 2006

Sytel Limited has appointed Tom Rocca as a Director on its International Advisory Board (IAB), tasked with advising call center organizations on best practices for dialers.

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