20 Years of Responsible Dialing

April, 2017

"Time flies! It doesn't feel like 20 years since I was standing in Sytel's office making the decision to buy their dialer", recalls Neil Perring. In 1997, Perring was MD at BPS Teleperformance, a contact center outsourcing company based in Birmingham.

Fast forward twenty years and Perring is now Director at Interact CC Ltd., a BPO that has a network of regional sites providing quality contact service operations to many household brands. Interact CC Ltd's technology and services are supplied by Infinity CCS, a European enterprise system integrator and long-standing Sytel partner which has the Sytel dialer at the heart of its product. Nick Ray, VP of Product and Support at Infinity CCS says, "It is no surprise to me that Neil has continued to rely upon the Sytel dialer at Interact. Anyone who has experienced Sytel's outbound technology will know it delivers excellent predictive gain with abandoned call rates less than 1%."

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel commented, "Neil was our first customer and, through different partnerships over the past couple of decades, has been a vocal and enthusiastic user of our dialer. He came to us when we were in start-up mode 20 years ago and was very direct in asking, "Will this work?". It has worked seamlessly for him throughout. He has been a great standard bearer for our unique ability to deliver excellent performance under compliance. Thankyou Neil and Nick for being such responsible and great partners."



(L-R) Nick Ray, Michael McKinlay and Neil Perring