All outbound calls using Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ dialer will result in a dialing cycle outcome code. In order to maximize the potential of outbound calling, the Re-try Schemer being used within the Softdial Campaign Manager, CRM or CATI system will identify numbers that have specific dialing cycle outcome codes and re-dial them depending on the rules in place. The following is a description of how this works.

Unconnected Calls:
Calls that do not successfully connect could be due to many reasons and are assigned an appropriate outcome code accordingly. The process of establishing the outcome code for calls that do not successfully connect may vary depending on the equipment involved between the call recipient's phone and Sytel's CallGem. The diagram below briefly identifies the steps involved using an example of the call failing because the number dialed is busy.

Diagram showing process of determining Call Outcome code

In this example, Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ makes an outbound call to a selected number. However, the recipient's telephone was busy so the telephone exchange generates an ISDN Q.931 cause code of 17 which is sent back to the Sytel equipment.

It is very common for the telephony path to pass through more than one carrier and exchange. Each time a different carrier or exchange is encountered the ISDN Q.931 code is passed on. However, not all exchanges or carriers are ISDN enabled. If a non-ISDN enabled carrier or exchange is encountered then the Inband signaling information which includes Special Information Tones (SIT) is carried forward.

As the information is received in to the organization it may pass through gateways housed on the premises or servers hosted in the cloud etc. The ISDN Q.931 cause code is mapped to a SIP cause code. In this example, the ISDN Q.931 code 17 is mapped to SIP cause code 486, which is passed on to the Softdial Telephony Gateway (STG).

In this case, because the call was not successfully completed, STG ends the call and sends a call failed message to CallGem which contains the reason for the failure. CallGem generates an outcome code from this information. For this example the outcome code is 1, which translates to Busy.

CallGem will pass the outcome code on to the Softdial Campaign Manger, the CRM or the CATI system depending on the equipment and campaign being run by the organization and that system will translate it in to a dialing cycle outcome. The Softdial Campaign Manager, CRM or CATI system will then apply appropriate rules, which might be; try calling again another 6 times at 2 hourly intervals, but not before 9am or after 9pm.

Below is a section taken from the ISDN Cause Values table:

Following is a section taken from the ISDN Cause code mapping to SIP Response Codes table:

Below is a section taken from Softdial configuration file which shows the mapping of the SIP Response Code to the Sytel Outcome code:

The example used of the phone being busy is just one of many possible failed call outcomes, but the process for all unconnected calls is the same.

Successful Calls:
Where calls are successfully connected, an agent outcome code is generated based on the information that the agent adds at the end of their call completion process. All agent outcomes are then mapped to dialing cycle outcomes. Again, the Campaign Manger, CRM or CATI system will utilise its rules to determine if there is further action regarding that number.

Softdial Telephony Gateway (STG)
The STG has been designed to provide maximum versatility and compatibility with all individual and mixed mode signaling standards. The signaling and detection capabilities of the STG are tuned to provide the best possible resolution of any call progress and call result information that may be delivered from the network.

Sytel ensures that translations and mapping of this information with STG and CallGem provides the most consistent and accurate call outcome information. Downstream components are therefore able to provide effective management of all contact attempts regardless of the networks they traverse.

For further information on this subject please contact Sytel Ltd.

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