Sytel is able to recommend a low-cost, easy to deploy, solution for providing work stations for market research interviewers.  This is made possible by using the latest iteration of Raspberry Pi, which is a small single-board computer.  The raspberry Pi third-generation model B contains ample computational power to drive the tools required by interviewers.

By simply attaching an existing monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset to the Raspberry Pi the interviewer can be connected to the contact center and be operational within minutes.  All the interviewers' details are stored in Sytel's Softdial Repository so no configuration is needed by the interviewer, it is a straight forward plug-and-play solution.

The unit is so small and lightweight it can be easily configured by an IT department and posted to a homeworker's address.

Photo showing typical set-up of an interviewer work station using Raspberry Pi.
Enlarged photo insert shows the Raspberry Pi in more detail.
Screen shows the interviewer logged in to a survey embedded into the Sytel Agent Desktop with a live voice call.

The low-cost interviewer station fully supports Sytel's WebRTC based webphone using the built in Chromium browser, which makes this station a potential replacement of the interviewer's phone.

Quickly and easily scale-up operations using this low-cost solution.  Ideal for managing political campaigns and short-term contracts without incurring excessive hardware expense on desktops or laptops.  Utilize home-workers with full peace of mind knowing that all data is automatically encrypted.  Once the work has completed the interviewer can easily return the Raspberry Pi to the IT department by post.

Homeworkers will typically attach to their own home broadband.  The station supports Wi-Fi or a physical network connection and requires only a small number of simple steps to get up and running.

The interviewer's log-on screen can be determined in advance; from having it locked in kiosk mode where the interviewer cannot exit the CATI software environment or it could have more flexibility and provide access to the desktop environment.

No desktop Operating System costs as the low-cost interviewer station is powered by Linux.

With no moving parts the potential for failure of the Raspberry Pi is minimal.  By ensuring suitable power supplies and memory cards are used the low-cost interviewer stations are suitable for commercial use.



  • Minimal cost
  • Quick to install
  • Small and light – easy to send in the mail
  • Pre-configured, all interviewer details held centrally
  • Re-utilize existing peripheral hardware
  • Secure – data encryption as standard
  • Ideal for seasonal peaks
  • Space saving - the Raspberry Pi is a fraction of the size of a p.c. or laptop


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