Sytel makes a software product for connecting people, whether in the call center or in the enterprise. We call this product Softdial Contact Center (SCC). This software controls communications of all kinds (e.g. inbound, outbound, SMS, email) and manages the queues and routing for them. Complementing this communications capability is an application environment, allowing for the development of rich desktop applications and real-time reporting.

The communications infrastructure supports both TDM and VoIP and also allows for a wide range of media applications and call control, for example call recording, call transfers and agent monitoring.

Sytel's dialler is flexible, reliable, powerful, simple to use, easy to integrate and competitively priced. We impose strict compliance limits in its design, and with enforced compliance comes world-leading performance as users experience the only dialler in the world that was built to work effectively under compliance.

The Sytel dialler will work in conjunction with any legacy PBX, or VOIP gateway. Our own SIP stack allows us to deliver a totally soft solution, which can also act as an IP PBX.

Our primary vertical is market research. Utilizing our open and robust APIs, Sytel are experts in integration with 3rd party market research software. We have integrated with market leading CATI software such as:

  • Unicom Intelligence (formerly IBM SPSS Data Collection 6)
  • Quancept
  • Confirmit
  • Nebu
  • Nipo
  • CfMC
  • Askia

and we have skills and experience to integrate with others as required. The Sytel dialler is capable of running simultaneous market research campaigns using different CATI products, each tightly integrated with the dialler, giving the freedom to choose the best tool for each individual job.

Sytel has a policy of continuous development & improvement, which means we support the industry with updated requirements and features as the market dictates.

Sytel has supplied software solutions for contact centers since 1997, and is currently driving productivity in over 50 countries.


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