Since 1997, Sytel Limited has supplied best-of-breed software components and full-service solutions for contact centers in over 50 countries around the world.

Sytel's Softdial Contact Centerâ„¢ solution is flexible, reliable, powerful, simple to use, easy to integrate and competitively priced.

Complete hosted solutions

Sytel offers complete solutions to providers of hosted contact center services with:

  • dynamic provisioning
  • secure, partitioned multi-tenancy throughout
  • fast and easy scale-up / scale-down
  • ultra-high availability
  • access anywhere, anytime, for agents, managers, or administrators
  • quality VoIP services
  • proven track record

One dialer, multiple tenants/ multiple sites

Many tenants or physical sites can be driven by a single, hosted, central dialer, which continually maximizes agent productivity by balancing the load.

One dialer, multiple CATIs

Projects can be run simultaneously using different CATI systems, each tightly integrated with the hosted dialer, giving you freedom to choose the best tool for each individual survey.

Sytel has integrations with many of the popular CATI systems:


And others as demand dictates.

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