Comdata Group, founded in 1987, is currently the leading Italian business process outsourcer, offering call center, help desk, back office, credit management and document management services in several countries. In July 2013, Comdata extended its presence into Turkey by acquiring Callus Information and Communication Services Inc., along with the faith that Callus will strengthen Comdata's service capacity.

Callus, founded in 2003, has a staff of 1,400 and is the fourth largest operator in the contact center services outsourcing market in Turkey with two locations in Istanbul and Samsun. In addition to providing contact center services for the Koç group of companies, Callus outsources inbound and outbound contact center services, and business processing services, for more than 50 customers, including Vodafone Turkey, across more than 100 projects.

Focusing on technology development and innovation, Callus has shown key improvement in service levels. Callus aims to continue that success with sustainable growth as part of an international company.



In 2009, as part of a technology upgrade, Callus began a search for a predictive dialing solution, and had a variety of requirements for their selected dialer:

  • It must deliver very high predictive performance
  • Progressive and preview dialing must also be available. Callus' range of campaigns required a range of dialing modes to suit each situation
  • Pricing must be competitive
  • The supplier must offer a free trial for Callus to assess the capabilities of the solution
  • An integrated scripting tool was also important for the production of agent screens
  • The solution must be designed to operate in a hosted model, and across multiple sites
  • The solution must integrate with the existing PBX, voice and data recording, and quality management systems
  • The supplier must provide local, same-language, hands-on support

Trial & Results

Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ software was selected for a trial, and Intelitel, Sytel's integration partner in Turkey, was engaged to perform the implementation of Sytel's software suite. Intelitel provided hands-on integration and project management services throughout the trial to ensure the architecture met Callus' requirements.

"The top benefit is that Sytel offer a one-stop solution for all our needs," commented L.Burçin Sözütok, Technology and Business Development Director for Callus. "This means no more specialist development and integration in order to make packages from separate vendors play nicely together."

"The level of flexibility, support and assistance that Sytel and Intelitel have provided during the trial and throughout usage of the platform has been outstanding.

"Many tasks can now be completed much more quickly and with less effort with the Sytel system. For instance, the time to create campaigns, or to develop agent screens, can now be measured in days rather than weeks!

"And we have experienced a fast return on investment due to the very high productivity of the Sytel dialer."

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