Quantrax Corporation is a US based technology company that has pioneered the development of intelligent software for the collections industry and other organizations managing their own receivables. Faced with the ever changing demands of the collections industry, and the need to provide best-of-breed call control that could provide a range of additional functionalities, such as IVR and call blending, Quantrax turned to UK-based Sytel Limited.

As CEO of Sytel Limited, Michael McKinlay, comments; "Quantrax have become a leading development partner of ours, taking advantage of all our call center features to turn their Intelec product into the best full service offering for collections available in the US today."

"And that includes being able to respond to inbound calls in a flexible way, and not leaving people who have rung up to make a payment in a hold queue, listening to music or a message. Excellent customer service means excellent systems architecture that allows Quantrax to fine-tune the functions they offer to their customers. This is attainable only in an integrated call control environment as offered by Sytel," he said.

Key to Quantrax's choice of Sytel, was their view that the collections industry in the US will not escape the increasing demand for sensible dialing rules for all users of automated dialing systems. Commenting, Ranjan Dharmaraja, CEO of Quantrax noted; "Unlike other dialer vendors, Sytel understand what it takes to produce an excellent dialer to cope with compliance – and uniquely in the industry, have a track record over many years of doing just that. Their continued leadership role around the world in shaping compliance regulations sends our customers all the right signals."

"In terms of predictive capability, we know we have simply the best. We have had many tributes from our customers and this one is typical..."

"It is amazing to work through a predictive campaign without seeing 300-400 abandoned calls. We were astounded! Abandoned calls are down to just a trickle and performance if anything is even better than we are used to."
(Sharon F Amann, President, Armor Systems Corporation)

About Sytel

Sytel Limited delivers secure, resilient IP telephony and media infrastructure software for carriers, enterprises and hosted contact centre providers, connecting and managing calls and media sessions, without boundary. Sytel solutions provide high-volume routing and media processing on a distributed host-based platform, and are driving inbound, outbound and blended telephony and other media types in over 50 countries. Sytel is also the world's leading supplier of predictive dialling algorithms on an OEM basis to the contact center industry. Sytel's toolsets deliver advanced capabilities to subscribers via the web, including scripting of call processing, real-time reporting and configurable dashboards. 

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