MROPS conducts global business-to-business market research, with offices in the US (Philadelphia, Toledo and Minneapolis), India (Hyderabad), Hong Kong and the UK (London). MROPS specialises in interviewing high level global corporate executives, and hires and retains the highest quality Executive Interviewers to conduct the interviews.

Sytel was invited by MROPS to propose a design for contact center software infrastructure that would allow them to further expand the business in three key centers: Toledo, London and Hong Kong.


The proposed solution had to provide the following features:

  • Integration with multiple CATI platforms
    Connecting to both NIPO and Confirmit CATI platforms, allowing Executive Interviewers to work on either platform from any of the company's current or future locations.
  • Centralised licences in the cloud
    Licences had to be centralised in the company's Toledo Executive Interviewing Centre. This would allow both a high level of security and centralised management. It would also reduce the number of licences required, as a 'concurrent use' model significantly reduces the costs associated with stand-alone centers.
  • SIP connectivity with MRops' chosen ITSP
    MRops appreciated the benefits of SIP and needed to work with a partner who could locally source the best quality. For any telephone interview, it is essential that the audio quality is good, but for MROPS it must be impeccable. The connection also had to provide high availability, with fast disaster recovery facilities.
  • Support for home/ remote workers
    MROPS employ the very best Executive Interviewers. It requires a great deal of experience to interview the countries busiest directors. Therefore the system had to provide simple, secure connectivity over the public Internet.
  • Connection to the MRops network of Distributed Interviewing facilities
    The new system must offer the flexibility to connect to MRops Distributed Interviewing Network; for example to run occasional short-term campaigns in a new territory.


Sytel installed a system to service all the above requirements, and with the following advantages:

  • Local Executive Interviewers can use local trunks yet utilise the dialler licences located in the MROPS Data Centre, by installing additional local telephony gateways.
  • As call progress signals can differ from country to country, each local telephony gateway can be fine-tuned to maximise the accurate detection of local signals.
Sean Ivory, Director of
Global Executive Interviewing,

During the installation Sytel worked closely with the MROPS directors and their technical and project management partner KITE Systems, based in Hong Kong. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Sean Ivory, Director of Global Executive Interviewing, commented "Our vision was to create a Global Executive Interviewing solution for our clients, with standardized process, systems and local knowledge. With the introduction of our Sytel/Confirmit/SONAR (our proprietary CATI management tool) Technology solution, we now have a truly global, robust and scalable Executive Interviewing platform."

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