The Park Group on the Wirral have been the UK's leading supplier of gift voucher, hamper and hospitality products for some years. Recently the industry suffered a setback as one of its competitors went bankrupt leaving many suppliers and customers with little to show for their investment. In response Park Group decided to seek major market growth again and called in Sytel to install a dialer at short notice to help them expand their business and re-establish consumer confidence in this market.

As Michael McKinlay, Managing Director at Sytel explains, "In late summer of 2007 we were given a go live date of 1 October. We had to install and commission a dialer, train Park's people and help them write some particularly challenging scripts, using our new web-based scripter product. We like this kind of challenge and assigned an experienced project manager to pull everything together."

"We were delighted with the knowledge and support Sytel brought to the project", said the IT Director of Park Group, Steve Lock. Much of our business in this market comes in the fourth quarter and it was vital that Sytel could help us contact all our customers and prospects in time to deliver product for Xmas and for them to save for the following Xmas. Sytel met our tight go live date and that meant we were able to so, and handle the rush. The reaction from our customers and prospects has been very encouraging with new orders significantly up when compared with the previous year and we exceeded our targets. "Sytel have played a major part in this recovery," he said.

"One reason for choosing Sytel" said Lock, "was their web-based scripter which allowed us to prototype and change scripts for our agents very quickly. Change is a constant in our business and as we talked to our customers and learnt their latest requirements, we were able to build this knowledge immediately into our scripts to help better address our business. Don't believe it when people tell you that scripts don't matter! They do and we couldn't have made the business gains we did without this ability to respond immediately to our customers' needs. One aspect of the solution that we really appreciated was the fantastic performance we got from the dialer in the industry, which enforced the regulations laid down by Ofcom without any intervention being required from us," he said

Based in the UK, Sytel Limited provides call center solutions to organizations in over 30 countries. In the outbound world, its predictive dialer, Softdial Plugin, is recognized as being the leading dialer for delivering effective performance under compliance. Sytel has campaigned in all major markets for responsible rules for predictive dialers and acts as adviser on dialer regulations to many national marketing and government bodies around the world.


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