Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Genius PPT Limited hosts dialers as part of their customized contact center solution for contact centers throughout the UK. Genius's customer base ranges from SMEs to major blue chip companies straddling multiple industry sectors.


Genius needs to work with software that can be deployed in the cloud, is highly scalable and quick for customers to get up and running. Additionally, it is essential that the solution Genius provides its customers is customizable, fully compliant with Ofcom, PCI, DSS and DPA rules and regulations while also delivering excellent dialer performance.

Why Sytel?

Genius chose the Sytel contact centre solution as it meets all the requirements specified and also provides an extensive set of APIs that enables Genius to develop deep customizations.
The strengths that set Sytel apart for Genius are:

• Excellent performance under Ofcom rules.
Unlike other dialers, Sytel's solution does not rely solely on an algorithm. Instead, Sytel uses high speed simulation to refine any 'best guess' an algorithm might provide, thereby delivering accurate dialer pacing which delivers low wait times and excellent levels of agent talk time per hour.

• Ability to adapt to dialing conditions.
Live call rates are reducing, people are simply not answering their phone as much as they used to. Sytel's design allows it to immediately adapt to difficult dialing conditions, to give the best possible performance.

• Full set of services.
The Sytel solution covers all the standard features expected of contact center software; call handling for inbound, outbound, blending screen and call recording, skills based routing and IVR. Genius is able to take this powerful set of features and integrate it in to their own solution to provide a complete bespoke service for each customer.

• Integration of management information.
The ease with which Sytel's dialer can be integrated with other applications enables management information dashboards and CRM functionality to be supplied as standard to customers regardless of their size or industry.

• Compliance.
Sytel has served as an advisory body to Ofcom and other regulatory and marketing bodies on several issues including silent and nuisance calls. Sytel is recognized in the market as delivering a world class dialer that delivers effective performance while complying with stringent limits. This provides Genius with the compliance assurance they need, no matter what type of customer.

• Ease of implementation.
Genius has to be able to deliver a service to customers that is cloud based, quick to install and is scalable. The Sytel solution meets all these needs, plus it allows tenants to be dynamically provisioned and amended as required without disruption to other users.

• Scripter functionality.
The powerful scripter application within the Sytel software provides easy-to-use tools for the fast creation of logic flow and agent screens. The highly intuitive visual design tools simplify the creation of even the most complex scripts. Genius is able to include this scripter functionality within their customized solution so non-programmers in their customer base are able to confidently use the tool to deliver their own scripts.


As a result of using Sytel's product, Genius has become the leading cloud solutions provider in the UK for contact centers.  John Thompson, MD of Genius PPT, says, "Sytel software has allowed us to build and deliver a world class outbound solution for our clients."





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