As the call center industry shifts up yet another gear to cope with the increase in calling regulations, so too comes the demand for robust, reliable dialers, capable of handling complex campaigns that perform effectively, when working to low targets for abandoned calls.

Designed by Sytel Limited, the Softdial Plugin® dialer is installed in call centers around the world. Developed using a highly sophisticated simulator known as the Virtual Event Machine® (VEM) and capable of running in excess of 10 million calls per second, Softdial Plugin® is aimed at software houses, switch vendors and systems integrators, who have a requirement for a predictive dialer that offers outstanding performance under compliant rules.

Sytel were invited to join Infinity Contact Centre Software Limited, the IT development arm of the Teleperformance Group and a developer of the Infinity suite of software, a leading contact centre management application used in some of the most demanding, outsourced environments in the world. Core to the development of the Infinity application for outbound use is the Sytel Softdial Plugin® predictive dialer.

As Michael McKinlay, managing director at Sytel explains; "We are the 'secret agent' in many call centre solutions around the world. The Teleperformance Group was the first customer to use our dialer some ten years ago and we are delighted that their continuing success with it has led to their IT arm, Infinity Contact Centre Software Limited, actively selling it across the Teleperformance Group."

As Nick Ray, director at Infinity Contact Centre Software Limited in the UK added; "We have worked exclusively with call centres for the over 10 years, providing solutions to meet their business needs. The combination of our Infinity solution, combined with Sytel's dialer is, in our view, an unbeatable offering for outbound call centres."

As Lucio Appolonj, CEO at Teleperformance Italy, a leading user of the combined product, explains; "An outsourced environment is one of the most demanding for contact centre and CRM software. Not only do we need to set up and run many projects, we also need to be able to analyse results and return on investment in real-time. Infinity has become the lynchpin of our operation and in combination with Sytel's dialer, has delivered well beyond our expectations.

Based in the UK, Sytel Limited provides call center solutions to organizations in over 30 countries. In the outbound world, its predictive dialer, Softdial Plugin, is recognized as being the leading dialer for delivering effective performance under compliance. Sytel has campaigned in all major markets for responsible rules for predictive dialers and acts as adviser on dialer regulations to many national marketing and government bodies around the world.

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