SNT is one of the largest call center operations in the Netherlands, specialising in the handling of multi-channel customer contacts and has recently been awarded a COPC (Customer Operations Performance Centre) certificate, a worldwide standard for customer contact centers. Working for a variety of large corporates, including telecom and service providers, SNT customer contacts are handled in an integrated way by telephone, email or internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With six locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company employs over 2,500 agents.

SNT have ambitious plans to offer their clients leading-edge technology, to help them develop and maintain high levels of customer service. Their priority is that the company's networks and workstations will have a standardised, new technological environment and be fully web and IP based with the objective of functioning as one centralised platform. In order to meet these exacting requirements and reap the benefits, SNT turned to UK based Sytel Limited in partnership with Dutch based TietoEnator to deliver a solution.

As TietoEnator's managing director, Bjorn de Hoon explains, "We choose to work with Sytel because we regard their predictive dialer, Softdial PluginĀ® to be the only solution to efficient dialing under compliance. The dialer has benefited many of our clients with the scalability, multi-tenancy capability and ease of integration with any CRM or Telco environment, all of which are paramount in providing ASP and larger call centers with discreet, partitioned services.

Sytel's Softdial Plugin takes account of all campaigns and dialing parameters and is able to constantly adjust its dialing speeds to match changes in the campaign conditions, together with providing the lowest possible waiting time given the user's objectives on abandoned calls. Ever since 1999, Softdial PluginĀ® has delivered the ultimate in predictive performance, with a consistent abandon rate of 3% as recommended by Ofcom in the UK and the Federal Communications Commission in the US

"We continue to push for industry wide adherence to predictive dialing compliance legislation," comments Michael McKinlay, managing director at Sytel. As a company we are committed to supplying our customer with dialers that offer high levels of performance under compliance."

SNT are now enjoying the benefits of the new system. The central database uploading and the flexible scripting options are hugely successful and they have been able to execute complex campaigns for clients that they otherwise would not have been able to handle. The inbound modules are integrated with the other systems and new business intelligence functionality has been added. It is from this centralised platform that SNT are able to operate both inbound and outbound from all sites as if it were a virtual contact center. As Ankie Straathof of SNT comments; "The platform was immediately embraced by the Team Managers and the other people involved. People came to ask of their own accord whether they could work with the system."

Based in the UK, Sytel Limited provides call center solutions to organizations in over 30 countries. In the outbound world, its predictive dialer, Softdial Plugin, is recognized as being the leading dialer for delivering effective performance under compliance. Sytel has campaigned in all major markets for responsible rules for predictive dialers and acts as adviser on dialer regulations to many national marketing and government bodies around the world.

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