The Client

Interact is one of the UK's youngest and fastest growing outsourcing businesses.  Founded in 2011 by a team of seasoned contact center professionals, Interact set out to do things differently from the start; to deliver powerful customer conversations with empathetic agents supported by intuitive technology.  It's clearly a winning approach.  Today Interact's 300+ strong team delivers service and sales contact center solutions for big brands from EE to News UK, PayPal and more.

The Challenge for Interact

The UK's tough compliance landscape makes achieving excellent dialer performance extremely difficult.  For most dialers, its simply too difficult to deliver any performance benefit under Ofcom's outbound policy.  This often leaves users with little choice but to either retreat to dialing in progressive mode and experience considerable productivity losses or, run the gauntlet with Ofcom's misuse test.

However, both these scenarios are completely unnecessary and avoidable, if you use the right dialer technology that has been designed from the ground up to overcome this challenge.

The Solution

Interact chose Sytel, as it was the only known dialer to deliver excellent performance under Ofcom's policy on outbound dialing.

In order to avoid issues with Ofcom's misuse test, many organizations - including Interact - now sensibly elect to dial at much reduced abandoned call rates from the previous 3% limit.

However, only Sytel is known to deliver excellent performance benefits at such low levels of abandoned calls.  This is down to an innovative and unique design utilizing a highly sophisticated AI dialer engine.

The Results

Using the Sytel AI dialer, Interact was amazed to find that they achieved a Predictive Gain of between 10 to 15 minutes per agent per hour.  This equated to almost a 30% increase in talk time compared to progressive dialing.

"We are delighted to have implemented the new Sytel AI dialer.  It has given us a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.  The performance, reliability and adherence to compliance standards are second to none.", says Neil Perring, CEO of Interact.

The Sytel dialer is delivered to Interact by expert systems integrator Infinity CCS.  Nick Ray, Vice President of Products at Infinity CCS commented, ''We have been supporting Sytel within some large BPO organizations, for many years.  It's fantastic that Sytel continues to overcome the challenges of today's increasingly tough compliance environment, allowing outbound operators to responsibly gain excellent performance, that simply isn't possible with other dialer technology.''

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel commented, "The way we have developed our dialer is completely different to any other in the market.  Our dialer constantly monitors all the elements in the Softdial Contact Center (SCC) and simulates all the possible scenarios.  The result is a dialer that gives excellent performance in predictive mode, without having to revert to progressive mode on reaching the abandon rate limit."




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